07 Superfood For How To Gain Weight

Weight has become a such an infamous topic for discussion, we want to know more about weight gain or weight loss we want to know how to achieve success over some number and that decides whether we are healthy or not gaining weight has become a concern being underweight leads to improper growth and development in children also it effects the teenagers and even young adults so lets understand how to gain weight and become healthy at home, there are certain superfood that can be consumed for increasing your weight or coming back to a balanced weight.

  1. BANANA are excellent choice if you are looking to bring balance and gaining weight they are not only nutritious but also a great source of carbohydrates and calories you can start your day with a banana you can also have banana with milk or curd having 2 or 3 bananas everyday is advised.
  2. RICE is rich in carbs and can be easily consumed in your daily life, unpolished hand pounded rice is much much better than a polished white rice white rice is high in calories but nutrients are very poor compared to unpolished rice which really help in bringing balance in our health different types of rice contains different types of starch which affects their texture and digestibility thus understand that unpolished rice is higher in fibre and nutrients so that should be taken regularly having 2 portions a day is recommended along with normal lentils in a day.
  3. POTATOS are rich in starch and carbohydrate and this will help you increasing your adipose tissue it can be incorporated in your diet as a snack or in your meals, sweet potato is also a very good option a healthy option which person should consider about 100 gms potatoes person can consume per day and this would be like one bowl of potato sabzi.
  4. CHICKPEAS OR CHANA are high in proteins basically leads to an overall growth higher proteins in chickpeas really helps repair and functioning of your body and this will ensure an overall growth protein promotes in increasing your muscle mass which assists the body in burning fat eating one serving of beans peas chickpeas or lentils can significantly reduce the risk of cardio vascular disease and keep you healthy it also would help you in weight management.
  5. PANEER AND WHOLE MILK dairy products like paneer whole milk have high protein content it has even high fat content and thats why helps you in weight gain drinking one glass of whole milk is the best solution to have at night before going to bed and that would help ensure a good health as well as it would ensure a good sleep.
  6. TOFU and other soya products are excellent source of protein they have a soluble fibre and also help in controlling daibetes it helps even in hyper tension and many other diseases soya product should be very much a part of your kitchen snack for sure specially when you are looking forward for a healthy weight gain.
  7. EXERCISE and yoga since we are talking about weight gain or coming to balance I have noticed that people usually avoid exercises they feel that by doing exercises they will reduce further and so they avoid it they feel like eating anything and everything and lazying around but do the exercise or asana walking asanas can help in maintaining optimal weight and also building up muscles some asanas you can try are surya namaskar dhanurasana paschimotanasana konasana ardha matsyendrasana konasana etc daily 100 pushups will help you along.

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