Get rid of fever Quickly

Viral infection is the root cause of fever. We can cure it at home easily with few remedies for that you just have to do few things at home so that you can get easily cure. So here we brings up 10 best remedies for your health…..Without delay lets get started.

  1. Get 100 ml of water in a bowl add 4-5 tablespoon of salt in it make 5-6 strip of cotton and deep it in the bowl and apply on patient head and chest.
  2. Take 4-5 medium size red onions and chopped it well press it in cotton clothe and apply that water and remaining onion on whole body. onion has a great fight to inflammation and having a good cooling properties.
  3. Take a “vapor tube” from nearest medical store. take a 200 ml of water in a container boil it on a high flame take away from the gas and add one vapor tube in it and cover the patient by towel or any big covering material and take a vapor for 2-3 minutes. its heals you from infection. use this remedy every time .
  4. Honey ginger tea – for making of honey ginger tea “Boil 1 tsp of grated ginger in a cup of water for 2-5 minutes , strain & add a tsp of honey. drink this tea twice daily”.
  5. Coriander seed can boost immunity & can be used to fight off viral infections. “Steep a few coriander seeds in 500 ml of water & drink this water severel times a day”.
  6. The potent antimicrobial properties of garlic are effective in treating a viral fever. “Add 2-3 crushed pods of garlic to a quarter cup of warm water. Drink this mixture or have it as a soup.
  7. The strong antimicrobial properties of tulsi leaves can alleviate the symptoms of a viral fever. and The antibacterial & antibiotic properties of black paper can treat respiratory ailments associated with a viral fever. Boil cup of water , add 1tsp of crushed black pepper & a few tulsi leaves. sip this drink all through the day.
  8. Heat 2 tablespoon of mustard oil and add 1 tablespoon of garlic paste to it. leave it undisturbed for 2 minutes . apply it on your patients chest feet and palm.
  9. Boil water and soak chamomile tea leaves in it for a minute and add honey to it. Give your child as many drops as he/she can take twice a day.
  10. Please consult a doctor immediately if you experience any symptoms of viral fever.

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