Menstrual Cycle Problems: Common Issues and How to Find Relief

Menstrual Cycle

How to overcome menstrual pain!
The world 🌎 is start with women. First is mother,second sister and third is wife.

A women
has tendency to give birth to young one.Giving birth is not a simple process.she has to face
many problems in her day to day life.and one of the major problem is menstruation called as
period.The Red sign of danger.From the age of 10 to 12 she started her first period.Period
which is full of pain.some girls having more some having less . let’s do some discussion on

Painful period is known as Dysmenorrhea
Several imbalances in lady’s body make period painful and every women face this problem.
She has to face many changes which takes place in her body like…
● Mood swing
● angers
● cravings
● feeling lonely
● restless,
● heaviness in body
● having gas in stomach
● feeling tired and unhappy,
● body pain,etc.
For a lady getting period is normal but period pain is not normal. Let’s discuss causes of
period pain:

● Period pain causes due to high consumption of sugary food, alcohol,eating lots of
junk food,using lots of vegetables oil in food.
● Period pain is also causing due to high level of insulin in women’s body.
● Smoking is also a major factor for painful period.
● Due to busy schedules we forgot to do Exercises and yoga which is also involve to
make period painful.
● Working stress.
● Improper sleep.
● Improper diet.
● Harmonal changes.
● Cramps in a vaginal part.
Some solutions to overcome period cramp/pain:
● Exercise daily.
● Take a brisk walk.
● Apply heating water bag on your lower abdominal.
● Make a proper diet plan for yourself.
● Drink plenty of water.
● Take rest and lot of sleep during period.
● Eat healthy food and fruits.
● Eat dark chocolate it increases your happy harmons .
● Enjoy in beautiful nature and fresh air.
● Do yoga poses with deep breathing like:

1.Butterfly pose.
2.child pose.
3.cobra pose
One home remedy from myside:- Make a black tea and add some lemon juice in it ,it really
help you to stop labor pain and you really feel better.

Conclusion:- I think this blog definitely helps you to overcome on your period. Getting period
is normal, but having more pain makes you feel sad.if you have too much pain then
concerned to gynecologist. Take medicine. Exercise daily. Keep your mood fresh and keep
yourself positive that no pain will make your body unhealthy.

And one more Golden tip is While going through periods pain always talk to your loved ones you will feel better ….Your will get huge relief in pain….that for today meet in next blog

Still that time stay safe stay healthy and keep reading……

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