what Are the best routines for healthy lifestyles?

Life moves so fast that its easy to fall into unhealthy routines. When was the last time you sat quietly and thought about your daily routine? Take a few minutes today to sit quietly and evaluate: what are you doing that’s healthy? What habits do you have that are unhealthy ? How can you start making small changes today

| Stress Reduction :Chill out

stress wreaks havoc on your body :It disrupts your sleep ; depresses your immune system;causes depression and anxiety; contributes to making unhealthy food choices and increases your blood pressure ,putting you at greater risk for stroke and other cardiovascular disease

Sometimes it feels like the only thing that will ease our stress is a beach side vacation.

Unfortunately , most of us can’t take the time off .But you can take some small , simple steps to start reducing stress:

•Talk it out . Call a friend or family member and discuss whatever’s bothering you –or if you’re home alone ,reach out through email or social media sites like Facebook. Just knowing you’re not alone can make a big difference .

•Take a walk around the block .

A little experience (even just 10 minutes !) Increasees healthy blood flow and releases endorphins that can help release stress .

•Laugh out loud. Sing it out .whoop it up . Distract yourself even for a moment with something fun . watch your stress levels will drop and breathe a little easier.

A helpful first step in re examining pur dietary routines is to spot our danger zones the activities that put us in front of food that’s bad for us here are eight common danger zones:

•Eating while watching TV.

You’re likely to eat more than if you turn off and focus on your meal.


the temptation to keep refilling your plate can be intense!

weekends .

while it may be easier to stick to a helathy meal plan during week , the busy social schedule of weekends can introduce unhealthy foods .

•Dining out

plan ahead and choose healthier options : salad instead of chips , grilled instead of fried .

Clear you mind from negative thoughts and be helathy stay safe stay happy!

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