World Parkinson’s Day From Tremors to Treatment: What You Need to Know About Parkinson’s Disease on World Parkinson’s Day 2023

World parkinson’s day

April month is known as parkinsons  month and the day 11 th april is celebrated as Parkinson’s day. Their are so many diseases in the world and parkinsons is one of the disease mostly seen in old people or adults. Some unacceptable changes happen in the body which we can’t understand early. Because we are unaware about  these diseases and symptoms. But when we were aware of these then we definately capture the changes fastly and make our effort to cure this person which is suffering from parkinson’s.

   In this blog we will provide you some information about world parkinson’s day.

What is parkinson’s disease? 

Parkinsons disease is a neurological disorder. It is movement disorder. As  in the brain dopamine secrets  Neurons and  in this disease this neurons get destroy. And due to this the  cells from brain which command  the body to move also destroy. 

Red tulip is the official symbol of this disease. 

Signs of parkinson’s disease:

  • Some Cnanges takes place in body.
  • Vibration of hands. 
  • Walking slowly  unable to balance their body.
  • Bending of body forward while walking. 
  • Unable to smell /can’t identify the smell.
  • Reduce volume of voice  .
  • Unable to quick understanding .
  • All movements are slow.
  • They stop for a  while walking.
  • Shaking of body stop.
  • Constipation.

We can’t cure the person permanently  but by providing them some physiotherapy , yoga ,asanas ,medical and the most important  thing is our time for them.  Let’s  discuss some points that how we can help such people to getting cure:-

  • Their are some yogasanas which help to move the body.
  •  Do face exercise of eyes, mouth,rolling of tongue etc.
  • Breathing exercises. 
  • Hand exercises.
  • Medication. 
  • One care taker should be their  with that suffering person.
  • Tell that person that he / she also norml like others.
  • Take care of his / her thinking.
  • Keep them in nature.
  • Provide them medical treatment which help them in relief  and getting cure. 
  • Eat high fiber and nutritious food.
  • Some therapys and surgical treatments. 

Conclusion :

All diseases are normal if we think.There are  some diseases which we can’t cure by medical treatment permanently but if we have strong will then we definately triumph over that disease. And parkinson’s is one of them.

If you have faith,courage and strength you will definately face parkinson’s disease. 

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